New Century City Connect FTTB Deals

Century City Connect, which operates a carrier-neutral open-access fibre optic network in Cape Town, has unveiled a new range of fibre-to-the-business packages. We have launched a new range of fibre-to-the-business packages through Century City Connect’s fibre optic network. Century City Connect operates a carrier-neutral, last mile, open-access fibre optic network in the Century City precinct in[…]


Switch to VoIP and SAVE

We can offer an end to end VoIP solution that runs of our Carrier Grade Network. With High Quality (VoIP) we are able to assists our clients in cutting their telecommunications spend by up to 30%. Chat to one of our sales professionals and we’ll build a solution to meet your needs.  


Lightspeed Fibre within 5 Days

We have partnered with Century City Connect to deliver ISP services to businesses situated in the Century City precinct. We are able to deliver speeds ranging from 2Mbps to 1000Mbps over fibre to your business or office. The products cater for businesses sizes from small to enterprise, coupled with various levels of support. For package[…]